Be mantra. Be you.

We are a small business, proudly women-owned and operated, specializing in small-batch production. Our core values prioritize quality over quantity. Our brand is synonymous with vibrant colors that resonate at a soul level. Each piece we create undergoes meticulous craftsmanship, including garment dyeing and shrink tests, ensuring the highest quality. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering: all our business operations are local, and our fabrics are either locally milled or thoughtfully sourced. Our designs blend comfort, classic style, and eye-catching appeal. We use organic yarns and dyes, and our trims and fabrics are 100% locally and ethically sourced. Our certified organic fleece boasts a luxuriously soft feel, achieved through special finishing treatments. With a low emission and carbon footprint, our vendors and factories are conveniently located within a 3-mile radius. Our mission is to create thoughtfully manufactured, high-quality products that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. 
Our mantra?
______Express Truly Who You Are At a Soul Level_____
Linnie + Jackie